A visit to pipeline track dunga gali

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Dunga Gali pipeline track takes after the pipeline from Ayubia, Dunga Gali a distance of 4 kilometers, exceptionally simple strolling track and takes one and a half hours having an elevation around 8,200 ft. You’re encouraged to capture unforgettable memories, natural excellence and charming climate getting a charge out of nature’s wonders like rain, daylight, haze, and clouds in a single minute.

During British run the show Dunga Gali hill station served as an inn/ hotel, post office and a little church. The area was visited by Europeans during the summer also. This track is on the side of the mountain. So one side is tremendous mountain and the other side is a colossal dark gap.

We visited that place on 25th June 2019, we started our journey from Islamabad to Ayubia and we arrived there after 2 and a half hour break. We were a group of 20 people, including some girls. It took us around 1 and half hours to complete the track, but it was magnificent and with scenic valley and old trees, connects Ayubia with Dunga Gali. There is a tea-stall on the track itself, about on one third of the distance from Ayubia side.

The recommended adventure of fun and nature photography and I would suggest to start from Ayubia and finish at Dunga Gali.